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Мanagement of holiday complexes

Real Advance Ltd. is specialized in the management of apartment complexes on the Black Sea coast. Throughout the years of hard work and perseverance, we have won the trust of many investors and property owners. We successfully manage large complexes, such as constantly increasing the level of service, the comforts in the apartments, increasing the comfort for the guests and passing on additional value to all our services.
tourism management

Real Advance Management

Real Advance Ltd performs activities related to the management of various tourist sites - large apartment complexes, a group of apartments in one place or individual city properties - under the brand Real Advance Management.

Benefits of working with us

Trusting us completely, our long-term partners and investors are sure that:


Their properties are monitored and maintained on a daily basis. Technical faults and problems are eliminated in a timely manner.


They receive maximum profitability from their property, and its value is preserved, even increased.


Peace of mind that all their guests will be excellently served and satisfied.




Apollon Apartments, Apollon Complex, Ravda

Apartment complex with nine buildings, swimming pools, playgrounds, tennis court, recreation areas, parking lots, beach nearby. Preferred by families with children.


"Poseidon", Aurelia district, Nessebar

The newest and most prestigious apartment complex in the Nesebar area, captivating with unique landscape design and comfortable apartments. First class services and relaxing atmosphere.


"Esteban", Aurelia district, Nessebar

Mediterranean-style complex near the beach. Charming with its unique gardens, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility. Well maintained pools, a modern spa and a sophisticated restaurant with impeccable cuisine.


"Gardenia Beach Palace", Pomorie

Luxury beach front apartments with unique views of the sea and Pomorie Lake. Spa, mud and lye treatment.
Preferred by families with children and by people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Our work

What we do?

After signing a management contract, we accept the property with a detailed acceptance protocol. By establishing in detail the condition of the common areas and the apartments, we prepare a plan and a budget for the possibilities for better functioning, furnishing and upgrading / if necessary /.

We collect offers from a sufficiently large number of subcontractors to maintain the infrastructure - pools, green spaces, elevators, etc. and after careful analysis, contracts are concluded with those that offer the best value for money for the service provided.

During this time we prepare all the necessary documentation according to all legal requirements and rules for the proper functioning of the site.

In parallel with the preparation of the complexes, we decide on the need for staff - such as skills, qualifications and positions. The recruitment of seasonal and year-round staff also takes place. After conducting the interviews, we provide an equipped workplace, clothing, full and detailed training for the whole work process, according to the high criteria for the work of the team of Real Advance Ltd., incl. preparation of detailed job descriptions and schemes of work.

The Marketing Department at Real Advance Ltd. conducts daily surveys and surveys of global trends and consumer attitudes. Advertising is done on sites and platforms with a proven track record throughout the year, and at the same time we are constantly looking for new opportunities to attract tourists for achieving of full occupancy of the apartments. The strengths of the department are high efficiency and direct marketing.
Other activities performed by the managers of Real Advance Ltd. related to the management:

  • Preparation of a detailed budget for the activity and monitoring of its implementation;
  • Development of a short and long term development strategy;
  • Complete control over personnel, subcontractors and all kinds of activities performed on the territory of the complex;
  • Detailed financial and accounting documentation and file of the site;
  • Timely reporting and analysis of the activity and the results achieved.

    An important emphasis in the management is the special attitude towards tourists and their on-site service. After receiving and processing reservations throughout the year, it is time to welcome guests. Our team is available in any situation and actively engages with awareness and assistance until resolved.

Our guests enjoy comfort, attention and care. For them, Real Advance Ltd. has been a symbol of quality, comfort, investment in family memories and unforgettable experiences.

We are a stable and proven partner for investors!

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